Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

My Audio/Video Studio

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2022-04-03.

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These are my notes on my audio / video studio. I make instructional videos for computer software training, compose original music, and record it.


2022-11-15 General Notes 2022-11-21 Sheet Music


2022-11-16 Audio Notes


2022-11-17 Video Setup 2022-11-19 Camera Tethering 2022-11-23 Bome MIDI Translator Pro for Camera Tethering 2022-11-14 Sony Alpha 7 Mark iii Camera 2022-08-13 Sony Imaging Edge

RME TotalMix

2022-08-13 RME TotalMix Notes

OBS Studio

2022-11-13 OBS Studio

Pro Tools

2022-11-08 Pro Tools Overview 2022-08-15 Pro Tools Installation and Preferences 2022-08-22 Pro Tools Beats, Bars and Click Tracks 2022-08-15 Pro Tools Recording 2022-11-08 Pro Tools Editing 2022-08-15 Pro Tools Effects 2022-08-20 Pro Tools MIDI & Virtual Instruments 2022-11-05 EZ Drummer 3 & Pro Tools


2022-08-13 MIDI Software 2022-04-03 MIDI Hardware

Davinci Resolve

2022-04-19 Davinci Resolve Notes