Mike Slinn

Connoisseur of Technology

Direct: +1-514-418-0156 / Mobile: +1-650-678-2285 / mslinn@mslinn.com
Articles discussing my experience working as a software expert witness in US federal courts and before a European ITC tribunal. I wrote these articles with lawyers in mind. The material does not assume the reader has a software technology background.
My notes on working with large language models (LLMs). I explore the mathematics underpinning LLMs, LaTeX for use on websites, installing LLMs on Linux, and integrating LLMs into workflows.
Articles that I have published that do not fit into other collections appear here. Topics include software tools, humor, social discourse, Linux, Windows, various computer languages and startup management.
My notes on working with Git and related libraries, including setup, procedures, utilities, high-level (porcelain) CLI, low-level (plumbing) CLI, libgit2 and language bindings for libgit2, and advanced topics.
My notes on working with the Ruby programming language, including installation, Visual Studio Code, Plain Old Ruby, making and publishing gems, Rack, Sinatra and Rails.
My notes on Jekyll-generated websites include setup, operation, scripts, using plugins, and creating and debugging custom plugins. Includes detailed information on 30 of the Jekyll plugins that I have written.
My notes on Django-powered e‑commerce websites include software evaluation, asset management, templates, apps and sub-apps, templates, debugging and production issues.
My notes on technology and procedures used to make music and music videos in my studio. Ableton Live and Push, MIDI, OBS Studio, Pro Tools, microphones, video cameras, computer-generated music, and more.
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