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Mike Slinn

Pro Tools Keyboards and Hot Keys

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2023-10-22.
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For best results, use a full-size keyboard with Pro Tools. Unlike most other programs, the numeric keypad is useful for Pro Tools.

However, when you use a laptop, you usually do not want to plug in an external keyboard. You can learn they key bindings for your keyboard by referring to Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts.

For a 10keyless keyboard with Windows, select the PC Generic keyboard.

Key Modifiers

You can use the keyboard to navigate when A/Z Edit Key is enabled.

P Up

; Down

L Left

, right

Track Volume

Ctrl-= Maximize input level of the selected track.

Alt-click on the slider knob. Set input level of the selected track to 0 dB.


Ctrl-= Toggle Mix sub-window on top

Ctrl-D duplicate selection

Ctrl-E Cut clip at selection

Ctrl-G Group selected tracks

Ctrl-N new session

Ctrl-Shift-L Loop toggle

Ctrl-Shift-N New track

Ctrl-Shift-W Close session

Ctrl-Alt-B Bounce mix (mixdown)

Win-P Select previous track

Win-; Select next track

Alt-Win-Shift-= Toggle MIDI Editor


Enter Return to start of session

Ctrl-space Start recording

Space Stop recording

Ctrl-. Stop recording and discard take

Alt-L Loop record toggle

Ctrl-Alt-L Loop record toggle

Tracks & Compositing

Alt-Shift-D Duplicate track

Alt-Shift-N Move selection to new playlist.

Shift-S Solo playlists with cursor.

Win-Alt-v copy selected portion of selected playlist to main playlist

Ctrl-Win-\ duplicate selected track to playlist.
Ctrl-Win-Alt-\ duplicate all tracks to playlists.
Ctrl-Win-Alt-Shift-\ duplicate selected tracks to playlists.

Win-\ add a new playlist to a single selected track.
Win-Alt-\ creates a new Pro Tools playlist on all tracks (including inactive ones).
Win-Alt-Shift-\ creates new playlists only on selected tracks.

Grid Mode

Ctrl-Mouse Slip tracks

During Playback

Down arrow start selection

Up arrow extend selection


Enter Go to start of session

Space Start/stop playback / Record stop

Ctrl-Space / F12 Record start

Shift-R Record enable selected tracks


Ctrl-[ horizontal zoom out

Ctrl-] horizontal zoom in