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Mike Slinn

Sony Alpha 7 Mark iii Camera

Published 2022-08-13.
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Really great Sony A7 III Tutorial videos on YouTube:

Sony RMT-P1BT remote control – Focus mode only works when the lens is in AF mode and the camera is in manual focus mode.

Leveler display: enter that mode by pressing the wheel where it says DISP twice.

Sony Callback Support

Web page ilce7m3

PC Remote Control / Streaming / Webcam

We use a USB cable because Sony’s wireless Wi-Fi connection is extremely awkward to use. In fact, it is a useless feature.

Sony Remote Commander

  1. How to program - and + buttons for zooming? When I try them, I get:
    This operation or setting not available as follows: File format: RAW & JPEG
  2. If I plug in the USB cable, so I can retrieve the data, the remote stops working.

HDMI Control

  • When I plugged in the HDMI cable, the camera view screen went black. I changed a few settings and this no longer happens.
  • When USB is connected, the HDMI output stops and I see "USB Mode Mass Storage" instead. I do not want this to happen.

Desktop Control vs. Streaming

Enable desktop control or streaming, but not both at the same time.

Format Memory Card

Video File Names

Many Sony cameras have for years not provided a way to set a video file name prefix. Video files are all named C0___.MP4, and ___ defaults to 000. This is a problem when using more than one memory card, or after formatting a memory card. To provide a different value for ___, make a file called H:\PRIVATE\M4ROOT\CLIP\C0___.MP4, where ____ is the starting number of the desired sequence. Unfortunately, the file name will roll over after 999 videos, so be careful!

Each video has 3 files:


Set Playmemories Home Folder Date Format

How to change the Playmemories Home folder date format

Set File Name Prefix

Set the first three characters of the file name for images saved in the camera. This feature does not work. Sony does not care.

Select the entry field for the file name to display by using the virtual keyboard that appears next, and then enter three characters of your choice. The file name will be applied to both slot 1 and slot 2.