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Mike Slinn

My Jekyll Plugins

Published 2023-05-18.
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This page is part of the jekyll_plugins collection, categorized under Jekyll.

All plugins are RubyGems that I maintain on GitHub. The plugins are available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

In order to use Jekyll plugins, you must set up a Ruby environment. To learn more about Jekyll, please read my other articles about Jekyll.

Many of my plugins are written using my jekyll_plugin_support gem. The rules for specifying options when using Jekyll tags defined by these plugins are described here.


2023-05-23 jekyll_outline – Organizes the index of a collection into chapters. 2023-05-18 jekyll_archive_create – This Jekyll generator plugin creates tar and zip archives. 2023-05-18 jekyll_archive_display – This Jekyll tag plugin lists the names and contents of each file in a tar file. 2023-05-18 jekyll_reading_time – A Liquid filter to estimate how long a passage of text will take to read.


2023-05-18 jekyll_basename_dirname – This Jekyll plugin provides 3 filters that return portions of a string: basename, dirname and basename_without_extension. 2023-05-23 jekyll_begin_end – Defines Jekyll filters: append_suffix_if_does_not_start_with, begins_with, does_not_begin_with, does_not_end_with, and ends_with. 2023-05-18 jekyll_from_to_until – This Jekyll plugin provides filters that return portions of a multiline string: from, to and until. 2023-05-18 jekyll_nth – Liquid filter that returns item n of a Ruby array, origin 1. 2023-05-18 jekyll_time_since – A collection of Liquid filters that return the elapsed time since a date or date and time.


2023-05-18 jekyll_bootstrap5_tabs – Enables Bootstrap 5 tabs in Jekyll websites. 2023-05-26 jekyll_href – Jekyll plugin that generates an HTML a href tag, possibly with target='_blank' and rel='nofollow'. URLs can contain environment variable references. Also provides a convenient way to generate formatted and clickable URIs. Features optional automatically-generated soft hyphens. The href tags in a page can be summarized by the href_summary tag. 2023-05-18 jekyll_img – This versatile plugin embeds responsive images in documents and pages with alignment options, flexible resizing, default styling, overridable styling, an optional caption, and an optional URL. 2023-05-22 jekyll_pre – Jekyll tags for HTML <pre/>, copy content button, unselectable text, and incorporating command-line output into documents. 2023-05-18 jekyll_quote – Formats citations and quotes in a Jekyll website. 2023-05-18 jekyll_download_link – Generates a link to download a file. The path can be absolute or relative to the website. 2023-05-18 jekyll_run – Jekyll tag plugin that executes a program and returns the output from STDOUT.


2023-05-18 jekyll_flexible_include – Jekyll’s built-in include tag does not support including files outside the _includes folder. This plugin supports 4 types of includes. 2023-05-18 jekyll_site_inspector – Dumps lots of information from site when enabled by the site_inspector setting in _config.yml.

Plugin Components

2023-05-18 jekyll_plugin_logger – Colored Jekyll logging for plugins. 2023-05-18 jekyll_plugin_support – A Ruby gem that facilitates writing and testing Jekyll plugins. 2023-05-22 jekyll_all_collections – If your Jekyll website has several collections, this plugin provides an aggregated collection. 2023-05-18 jekyll_sort_natural – Provides a Jekyll filter that provides case-insensitive hash key sorting. 2023-05-18 jekyll_draft – Jekyll plugin that provides two Liquid filters: is_draft and draft_html. 2023-05-18 jekyll_random_hex – Outputs a string of random hexadecimal characters of any length.