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Mastering the Mix

Published 2023-02-25.
Time to read: 1 minutes.

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My musical recordings need to be mastered. To date, none of them have, and they sound unfinished because they are. Looking around for mastering software and methodologies, I found a company that appears to have packaged an automated copilot for mixing tasks. Mastering the Mix is an appropriate company name.

Mastering the Mix offers several plugins. I opted to spend time on the free 15-day trial for 2 of their products: Limiter and Levels.

BTW, prices are 5% cheaper if you purchase at Plugin Boutique. Plugin Boutique also offers the free Youlean Loudness Meter, which I downloaded.


Online Limiter manual.

Here are the settings for Let’s Do Ourselves Better, a song I am currently working on.

Listen to the difference: original with limiter as shown.

You can dial in rich harmonic distortion using the NRG slider, and enhance your transients with the PCH slider. This drives more perceived loudness and punch to help mitigate the effects of limiting.

I would like a less breathless and more factual description of exactly what the NRG and PCH sliders do.


Online Levels manual.

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