Mike Slinn


Michael Slinn has been recognized as a software expert in US federal court, and has provided litigation support for contractual and patent disputes. A graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Mike received a B. Eng. in Electronics in 1979 and became P. Eng. in 1983.

Mike owns and operates two sites:

  1. EmpathyWorks.ai, a site that showcases his AI-related work.
  2. ScalaCourses.com, a site that teaches advanced programming concepts online.

Mike is a polymath – a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas and draws on complex bodies of knowledge to solve problems. Mike has over forty years of experience as a software professional. He focuses on value creation, including business drivers, technology and development methodology. Mike has published 3 books and dozens of technical articles for software and engineering magazines.

Mike has been recognized as an software expert in US federal court since 2003 and by a European ITC tribunal in 2014. Mike consults on contractual and patent disputes for plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Mike received an Electronics Engineering degree in 1979 from Carleton University in Ottawa. Carleton's EE program was unique because it taught a systems approach that included both hardware and software. Mike was certified as a Professional Engineer in British Columbia from 1985 until 2003; after he emigrated to the US in 1998 he found there was no benefit to maintaining his Canadian PE status or converting it to an equivalent US PE status.

Since 1985, Mike has done technology evaluations for investors and underwriters for companies going public. He has worked with distributed systems since the late 1970s, including Telidon and Nabu (“the Internet before the Internet”), with Java and Java-powered servers since 1996, and with Adobe Flex from 2004 until the product's demise in November 2011. Mike has worked with functional programming starting with Lisp in 1986 and continues with Scala today.