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A Curmudgeon’s Social Networking

Published 2023-01-07.
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I am an unapologetic curmudgeon. I am not here to please anyone else, I am only here to earnestly be myself to the best of my ability.

If we do not continuously demonstrate that we endeavor to treat each other right, then we should be dismissed and forgotten.

Bullshit walks; money drives away, unsatisfied.

Fairness and equity are essential in all things without reservation. Otherwise, go away, life is short and you are just noise.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Twitter is now a circus. I don't need or want another circus in my communication. Do not look for me on Twitter any longer.

If someone connects with me on Facebook or LinkedIn, I expect them to interact with me in person, on the phone, and to want to engage with me. Failing that, I disconnect from them without hesitation.

Yes, please connect with me. Tell me your truth. Listen to me. I will listen to you.

Action Over Empty Words

Even better, we might endeavor to do things together. Imagining, conceptualizing, and building something real with others gives me joy. I want to share that joy.

People who talk about what ‘others’ should do, but are unwilling to act themselves, are a waste of time. They irritate me. Only approach me if you are an action-oriented individual.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.  – Amelia Earhart

Peace and love. σ

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