HI - CA - BC Travelog on Board Jedi

In May 2002 we sailed from Half Moon Bay, California for the Hawai'ian archipelago and then to British Columbia three years later, returning to Half Moon Bay 6 years after we left.

Preparation Jan-May 2002

Mike worked full time, six or seven days a week, for five months to prepare Jedi. View pictures of some of the work.

Mike up the mast

May 12 to 27

We departed from Half Moon Bay, near San Francisco, and arrived 15 days later in Hilo on the big island of Hawai'i. View some pictures of the passage.

Rainbow perched on the pulpit

Big Island of Hawai'i
May 28 to June 20

We spent 10 days in Hilo, during which time we caught up on our sleep, did a few repairs, bought solar panels and had them installed and enjoyed the friendly town.

We used the "Cruising Guide to the Hawaiian Islands" by Carolyn and Bob Mehaffy as our guide book.

We took lots of pictures of Hilo and our trip round to the Kona Coast. View a short video movie we took of a pod of spinner dolphins that we swam with on the southwest corner of the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Homonolino, Paradise at the South of the Big Island

Maui and Molokini June 19 to June 29

Eventually we felt it was time to move on, and we braved the passage across the channel between the Big Island and Maui.

Sunset in Olowailu, Maui

Molokai and Lanai to Oahu June 29 to present

The trade winds were strong, and we didn't find anything on the south or west sides of Lanai or Molokai that caused us to want to stay, so we continued onwards to Honalulu on Oahu. The boat was hauled out in November, and Rainbow took the opportunity to learn some new attention-getting tricks.

South Lanai

Oahu to Kauai
May 2005

I sailed from Honolulu to Kauai and back with a pickup crew. The idea was to check out the boat and crew for the return trip to the mainland. Some issues were found all around, so we returned to Honolulu, repairs were made and I started searching for new crew.

Wing on wing

Oahu to B.C.
Sep 2005

I didn't take any pictures on the return trip, but it was quite eventful