Mike Slinn

Expert Witness

I recently published Technology Expert Articles for Attorneys. You might find the articles of interest if you are looking for a software expert or a technology expert.

Expert Witness Experience

Links to my resume are provided to the right. Some highlights:

I am an electrical engineer with decades of experience developing and assessing software.

To date I have been retained 17 times as an expert witness in software; ten times on behalf of defendants and seven times on behalf of plaintiffs. I have been deposed four times and testified in court two times. I have been retained as a non-testifying expert in nine patent-related cases: eight times for defendants and once for a plaintiff. I have been retained for eight contractual disputes; four times for defendants, and four times for plaintiffs.

Three cases required me to provide expert opinion on IP related to electronic hardware as well as software. I have been deposed, testified and cross-examined under oath multiple times as a software expert in US federal court, and I have testified and been cross-examined before a European ITC Tribunal. I have written expert reports and declarations for five clients, some cases requiring multiple reports. I have also written declarations including two for inter partes patent review petitions and one pertaining to a Covered Business Method (CBM) for a patent of a financial nature. Seven cases have required me to examine source code, and four of them required me to provide expert opinion on whether IP theft or copying had likely occurred. Two cases have required that I opine on whether significant IP had been generated.