Mike Slinn
Mike Slinn

General Notes

Published 2020-03-01. Last modified 2022-04-03.
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Making a Video

  1. Check audio levels
  2. Change shirt?
  3. Fuss with hair and skin
  4. Turn on LED lights and turn off overhead light
  5. Close the curtains (or my glasses will have reflections)
  6. Turn on Sony A7iii camera, it is normally attached to the video splitter and then the Cam Link 4K.
  1. Press autofocus
  2. Turn off Display Live View (Ctrl-L)
  1. Start OBS Studio
  2. Verify output is set to E:\media\proTools\staging, E:\media\YouTube Meta Music Channel or wherever it needs to go.
  3. Click on Rec


C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPluginsVSTs (32-bit?)
E:\abletonLibraryAbleton Live data
E:\mediaMy original recordings
E:\media\rendersRendered originals
E:\media\protoolsOriginal Pro Tools recordings
E:\media\templatesTemplates and settings
E:\VST6464 bit VSTs
E:\VSTs32 bit VSTs
C:\Users\DAW\Documents\Pro Tools\Pro Tools Presets\BouncePro Tools settings
E:\storage\DAWMusic Software (installable programs)
E:\storage\DAW\proToolsPro Tools docs and software

General Issues

  • I have one Radial Pro direct box (passive). I am unsure whether to plug the acoustic guitars into the direct box, or directly into the RME UFX or the Behringer ADA8200.
  • DPA spec and order cables.
  • Mark mic placements on floor using tape for the above recording scenarios
    • I have a roll of gaff tape, but after 6 months it leaves a gooey mess. What other tape could we use for a semi-permanent placement?
    • We only need a few feet of tape for this purpose.
    • 3-4 different colors would be helpful; this would allow a color-coded mic placements for each recording scenario that requires at least one microphone.