Mike Slinn

Value Creation through Software Engineering

My portfolio can be found at micronauticsresearch.com

I collaborate with designers, provide and manage specialized subcontractors... and, yes, I write software myself - quite a lot of it!

I am also publisher of SlinnBooks.

Technology Evaluation

I have evaluated technology and technical products for viability since 1986. Past clients include investors, venture capitalists and underwriters for companies going public.

As an independent software technologist, I am often called upon to examine a client's current opportunities, challenges, strengths, competition and relevant technology available today. If requested, I look ahead at upcoming technology and contribute to a discussion of business and technical strategic options.

Litigation Support

I have been recognized in US federal court as a software expert. I consult on intellectual property issues pertaining to software. I research and testify on matters such as patent disputes and trade secret misappropriation.